The Cure debut "I Can Never Say Goodbye" + more

The Cure continue to wow fans on the Lost World tour.

The Cure are only a week or two into their world tour and they've world premiered their 4th new song. The band performed "I Can Never Say Goodbye" at their October 20th show in Krakow, Poland as the first song of their first encore (they've been playing two encores each night).

Before debuting "I Can Never Say Goodbye" Smith chatted it up with the audience a bit, then told the crowd he was going to play a new song that was about his brother, who had lived in Krakow. The Cure then proceeded to wow the crowd with "I Can Never Say Goodbye," a treasure full of darkness, beauty, and emotion. Video is available to view below.

"I Can Never Say Goodbye" is the fourth song The Cure have debuted on their world tour. They've performed "Alone" and "Endsong" at every show on the tour, and since debuting "And Nothing Is Forever" on October 10th, they've been performing that song every night as well. All four songs sound fantastic and have been making fans even more excited about the new album. Though some fans may be disappointed to not have a new album yet, at least The Cure have attempted to make it up to fans by debuting some of their incredible new songs and delivering monumental performances.

Watch video of all four new songs below. The first video is super high quality of "I Can Never Say Goodbye"; the second video of "I Can Never Say Goodbye" includes more of Smith's banter with the crowd before the show.

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