Echo And The Bunnymen share vintage concert

Stream a vintage concert from Echo And The Bunnymen.

Echo And The Bunnymen shared a vintage concert captured live in 1983. The 19 song concert was captured in Germany on March 5th, 1983 while on the Porcupine tour (Porcupine, the band's third magnificent record was released just weeks before in February 1983). Echo consider this performance to be what they think is "maybe the greatest live film" of theirs, and we don't think they're wrong! Check out the magnificent performance below.


01 Going Up
02 With A Hip
03 Gods Will Be Gods
04 Show Of Strength
05 Zimbo (All My Colours)
06 The Cutter
07 Rescue
08 My White Devil
09 Porcupine
10 Crocodiles
11 All That Jazz
12 The Back Of Love
13 Heads Will Roll
14 Heaven Up Here
15 Over The Wall
16 Do It Clean
17 Villiers Terrace
18 No Dark Things
19 A Promise

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