The Soup Dragons collect early singles and rarities on 'Raw TV Products'

The Soup Dragons will release a singles and rarities collection later this year.

Raw TV Products - Singles And Rarities 1985 - 1988 collects early singles, peel sessions, and rarities from the band's pre-Lovegod era. All 16 songs featured on the release have been newly remastered by Sean Dickson earlier this year and will be released on pale blue, red, green, and white vinyl (white vinyl exclusive to Rough Trade).

An official date has not been announced due to vinyl/pressing issues, though fans should expect the release in late autumn. Head here to take a look at the release and pre-order.

View the tracklisting below.

The Soup Dragons - Raw TV Products - Singles And Rarities 1985 - 1988

01. Quite Content
02. Whole Wide World
03. Hang-Ten!
04. Head Gone Astray
05. Can't Take No More
06. Soft As Your Face
07. The Majestic Head?

01. Learning To Fall
02. Slow Things Down
03. Too Shy To Say
04. Cow Nest
05. I Know Everything
06. Pleasantly Surprised
07. Fair's Fair
08. Hang-Ten! (live)

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