Robert Smith reveals new Cure album title and other details

Robert Smith revealed more details about the forthcoming Cure record.

Speaking with NME after the NME Awards earlier this evening, Smith revealed that the new album will be called Songs Of A Lost World. The record is actually two records - the first one Smith described as "doom and gloom...the doomiest thing we've ever done" and the second record is upbeat. Each record will include 10 songs, and he still needs to complete vocals on 4 of the songs before the mixing phase which starts on April 1st. The running order and artwork is ready, and he expects the record could be out "as early as September."

As for Smith's solo record, it will be quite awhile before that sees light of day. Smith said it won't be out until at least next year, and from the sounds of it, it's still in the formative stages. Considering Smith's penchant for perfectionism, he's likely not going to set a deadline for its release and will be working on it for years to come. We shall see.

Smith appeared at the NME Awards with Chvrches to accept the award for Best Song By A UK Artist for their collaborative song "How Not To Drown." Not only did they win an award but Smith and Chvrches also performed the track live along with the Cure classic "Just Like Heaven."

Watch the video of Smith discussing the new Cure album in the video below.

The Cure will be hitting the road later this year in Europe. Smith previously gave himself a deadline to release the new Cure record, stating on social media that The Cure will not tour if the new record isn't out and he REALLY wants to get out and play live.

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