Suicide issue new collection + more music from Alan Vega's vault

A new collection from Suicide has been announced.

Suicide - A Collection features classics and two previously unreleased tracks from the highly influential electro duo. The compilation, which includes extensive liner notes, serves as a good introduction to the intriguing world of Alan Vega and Marty Rev.

Suicide - A Collection arrives March 18th on limited edition blood red vinyl and CD. Head here to learn more and order.

Meanwhile more music from Alan Vega's vault is set to be issued next month. Prior to his death in 2016, Vega gave permission to his team to continue releasing music from his archives. The Vega Vault has been trucking along issuing releases, the last of which was last year's release of Mutator. Now comes word that two more songs will be issued: "Invasion," a song recorded between 2012 - 2015, and "Murder One," from 1997 - 1998. The songs have been pressed on transparent red vinyl and arrive February 25th. Head here to learn more and order.

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